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Training Resources & Forecasting Model

Certificates of Achievement as a 5-Steps to Successful Self-Employment training graduate!

"Great job!" to those of you that completed 5-Step workbooks at the recent training event. Your Certificate of Achievement is on the way via snail mail. A few workbooks were missing names and so if you participated and do not receive your certificate, please let us know.

Enhanced Training Tools; marketing aids, business case example, and other requests

Based on your input, the BuzVR web site will continue to add resources over time. Topics of interest so far are identified below:

Additional topics of interest expressed include developing a Business Case Example as a useful best practices reference with future customers, and strategic marketing planning templates. We will work with the Leadership Group to plan and develop these additional tools.

Enhanced Forecasting Model allowing for unit-based projections

Based on your input, we have enhanced the Revenue Forecasting Model to permit having your customers enter the number of units that they plan to produce in order to determine the breakeven point where projected costs would be offset by projected revenues generated. This model also helps customers to evaluate the net level of income that they want to generate by pursuing their self-employment venture. As always, we welcome your feedback as you begin to use this enhanced tool.

Enhanced Wording for Exercise 1d: Common Mistakes Leading to Business Failure

Based on your input, we have revised the wording used to convey common reasons for business failure from "Failure to..." to "Not able to..."

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